For 45 years the “Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte” has been held in Montepulciano (Tuscany). The “International Art Workshop”, founded in 1976 by the German composer Hans Werner Henze, brings together internationally renowned musicians, young professional artists, students and amateurs in joint musical projects every year in July and August. Within a total duration of only about two weeks, the programme includes around 50 events per season with up to 400 participants, including opera, theatre, performance and ballet, as well as symphony and choral concerts, chamber music,
recitals, courses, lecture concerts and exhibitions.

Based on the conviction that everyone can learn something from everyone else and, as Hans Werner Henze himself put it, is “both teacher and student at the same time”, everyone works together in an exemplary atmosphere of great solidarity. Nobody is paid a fee!

Every summer, internationally renowned artists make a decisive and, of course, unpaid contribution to the fruition of Henze’s dream by passing on to future generations what they themselves have been given in terms of experience and opportunities throughout their careers. Voluntary, generous, for the sake of art and exclusively for board and lodging.

All are equally rewarded by the experience of a unique artistic and human connection, the shared experience of enthusiasm and dedication, and last but not least, the beauty of Tuscany.

The Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte differs fundamentally from a typical festival with a commercial nature.